Our Mission
With This Ring, LLC is
Wausau, Wisconsin’s
 all-inclusive bridal
experience that gown,
bridesmaid dresses,
mother of the
bride/groom dresses,
flower girl dresses, as
well as a full line of
tuxedos for men, boys,
toddlers and infants.

Allow our Professionals to
assist you in finding that
perfect prom or special

Perfect dresses for your
mother's dresses, black
tie formal wear, holiday
dances/parties, and any  
special occasion in your

Here at  With This Ring,
LLC we are truly a "One
Stop Shop". Our
Professional Staff will
assist you in planning
your entire wedding.

Specialty Services:
Our extensive industry
experience and specialty
services allow  us to
create your memorable
day for much less cost
than you might expect.  
Choose from
professionals who make
sure each and every part
of your wedding day is
Welcome To Wausau's
All Inclusive Bridal Experience

1407 Third Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Email: Jill@withthisringllc.net

Store Hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10am-6pm
Thursday, 10am-7pm
Sat- 10am-3pm
Closed on Sunday
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facebook page!

There are Crystal Tapered Candle Holders,
Silver Wedding Picture Frames, Candles,
Bachelorette Blow - Pop Bouquets, Wedding
Time Capsules, Wedding Photo Albums,
Jewelry, and Plaques.
How about giving a gift that's different from
the usual things received? Stop in and check
them out!
Just a reminder:
Effective on May 9th, 2014 - With
This Ring, LLC no longer accepts
ANY type of checks - personal or
With This Ring LLC, is now offering Camo
Wedding Gowns for the female hunters!!

Camo Wedding Gowns are exclusive to
With This Ring LLC, for all Central
Wisconsin brides!
   Stop in and check out the "RED DOT SALE
Any gown that is tagged with a red dot on
the tag, is 50%
off the lowest marked price!
There's a good selection of gowns for Mother's,
Special parties, Formals and  Wedding Gowns.
See you soon!!!


Posted on this website on May 21st,
2016: Effective as of today, unless you
have a scheduled appointment on a
Saturday, With This Ring, LLC will be
closed on selected Saturdays throughout
the summer. This will be through the
Labor Day Weekend in September. This
notification is posted on the website, on
the facebook page, in the store, on the
entrance door, and on the phone
message - so that everyone is informed of
this. Enjoy your summer, and thank you.